Open Enrollment: Application Counselors, Navigators, and Brokers Are There to Help You (for Free)


We like to think of Open Enrollment as the health insurance industry’s tax season. There’s a lot of paperwork and research involved to get the best plan for you but, in the same way that you have access to people and resources to help you with your taxes, there are already services in place to help you with Open Enrollment. They’re called  application counselors, navigators, and brokers.


While the services they provide can differ, they all exist to give you the knowledge and the help you need to navigate the health insurance system. And they’re all free to use. It’s common knowledge that dealing with the healthcare system is frustrating. But fortunately, you don’t have to deal with it all on your own. Application counselors, navigators, and brokers are there to help take the stress out of getting health insurance.


Application Counselors

Application Counselors are available to consumers, small businesses and their employees for free to help with every stage of the Open Enrollment process. They have to be trained and certified to provide their services.



When it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, navigators won’t point you in a specific direction, but they will help you know all of your options. They can’t show you private health insurance plans, only plans that are in the Marketplace. Their service is free. They’re trained and certified by the federal government.



Also known as agents, brokers are licensed by the state and have to go through background checks to operate. They use their insider knowledge to help you find the best health insurance plan for you (and it doesn’t have to be through the Marketplace), change your health insurance plan, fill out your application, and more.


Once you’re enrolled in a health insurance plan, brokers can then also act as your advocate. Need to process a claim, negotiate a bill, or just have a dispute with your health insurance provider? Brokers will act on your behalf so that you can get a solution without wasting your own time being on the phone for hours.

In addition to our free tool that helps you find the best health insurance plan for you, we also offer our own free broker service where we are constantly working on our clients’ behalf. We deal with the stressful parts of health insurance, so that they can focus on being their healthiest self and enjoying life. We’ve helped clients get their life saving medication in time, switch to more affordable plans, and more. If this sounds like a service you’d like to have, you can get in touch with us at

And whether you use our free tools and services or someone else’s, we hope that, no matter what, you don’t try to navigate the health insurance system on your own. It’s made to be confusing and overwhelming so that you don’t get the best value you can. Getting help from an application counselor, navigator, or broker will empower you to make the right healthcare decisions and maybe save some money in the long run.   



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