We've Made a Masterlist of ALL the Free Preventive Services That Your Health Insurance Plan Provides


Recently, we've published a few posts that take a deep look at the free preventive health screenings that every qualified health plan must provide for all adultsselect groupswomen and pregnant people, and children. You don’t have to pay anything for this care, whether you’ve met your yearly deductible or not. And keep in mind that short-term medical plans don’t have to offer these free preventive services.


Here at JOANY, we're all about saving you time and making your life easier. That's why we've not only linked to all of our articles about free preventive care (above), but we've included these graphics below so that you also have a handy visual reference detailing this essential information. Download these images onto your phone or pin it so that you always have it handy. 


If your health insurance plan’s coverage started before the Affordable Care Act took effect and you want access to all of these preventive care services, then maybe it’s time you started shopping around for a different health provider. Luckily, your plan renews annually and you can change it starting November 1st during Open Enrollment. You might end up saving money like our client Michaela did when she changed her health insurance plan.


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