It's that time of year again...

The best time to purchase health insurance during Open Enrollment is when all of the health plans for your county have been finalized.

The best time to purchase health insurance during Open Enrollment is when all of the health plans for your county have been finalized.

Sometimes buying health insurance is not as straightforward as we would like. With numerous rules and uncertainties within the marketplace, surprisingly there are ideal times to buy health insurance. So kick off your shoes, grab something warm to drink, and reserve your spot in that insurance hold queue because it’s open enrollment Season!

When open enrollment begins, one may think the first thing to do, is to get this daunting task out of the way as soon as possible. However, this is one example where being ahead of the game would actually put you at a greater risk of paying more. Keep in mind, insurers have until December 1st to decide whether their plans will be available during open enrollment and in which states.

You could go through the enrollment process and feel great about your new plan only for it to vanish within weeks. Fortunately, at JOANY, we make sure you do not have to go through an enrollment for the second time; especially not with the clock ticking.

The best time to buy insurance during open enrollment is when every health provider in your state has their plans finalized for 2018. Health insurance providers like to see what their competitors are doing and will hold off on releasing plans to the individual marketplace until their competitors have done so. This is especially true this enrollment season due to all the uncertainty and instability with regard to healthcare within our current legislative administration. All we can do right now is be patient and wait to see which plans take part in the 2018 marketplace.

A great resource to find out when your county has all their plans finalized for 2018, is the page. You can enter your zip code and email and get notified when the best time to purchase your health plan will be. This, of course, is when all the plans have been added to the marketplace for your state.

We understand these times are precarious. This open enrollment season, we encourage you to take a deep breath and wait until your county has finalized all available health plans before purchasing a new one. We also hope you can rest easy knowing we are all in this together because nothing brings people together quite like the warm, holiday spirit… and open enrollment.


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